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•  August 2020​​

       Summit Hardware Co. launches its line of high quality Concealed Overhead Door Closers, Patch Fittings,

       and Commercial Door Pulls.  Summit's Patch Fitting line will include a floor mounted hydraulic patch fitting.

•  August 2020​​

       Summit Hardware Co. launches its line of rolling frameless shower systems.  These systems will come in

       the standard 78" width, with custom capabilities between 78" and upto 10' widths.

•  June 2020​​

       Summit Hardware Co. announces strategic allience with                                         .  M3 Glass will represent

       Summit Hardware's products in Oklahoma, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.  This allience

       includes Summit's Frameless Shower and Commercial Hardware product lines.

•  May 2020​​

                                              selects Summit Hardware Co. to join their list of stellar product distributors. 

       Dormakaba is a 150 year old, global manufacturer of architectural hardware and security products.

       To find out more about Dormakaba click here.

•  May 2020

       Summit Hardware Co. invests in the ability to custom manufacturer commercial door headers for its line

       of concealed overhead closers.

•  January 2020

       Summit Hardware Co. officially launches sales efforts.

•  November 2019​​

       Summit Hardware Co. adds Glenn Holmes to its Technical Sales Team.   Glenn brings more than 40 years

       of commercial hardware and glazing experience with him.  We are excited to have Glenn as a member of

       our team.

•  October 2019​​

       Summit Hardware Co. starts development of its online ordering portal.  The system will be a one of a kind

       platform, that not only allows customers to place orders, but will also allow them to see inventory levels

       of individual items

•  September 2019​​

       Summit Hardware Co. adds Sharon Knight and Shelby Overby as its Controller and IT/Marketing

       sprecialist, respctively,

•  September 2019​​

       Summit Hardware Co. moves into a new 6,500 sq/ft manufacturing and distribution facility.

•  August 2018

       Summit Hardware Company, LLC is formed to distribute high quality frameless shower and commercial

       door and glass hardware accross the nation.

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