Hinges, Clips, Clamps, and Handles


With more than 60,000 pieces in inventory, Summit Hardware is almost certain to have what you need, when you need it.  We offer four of the most commom product finishes incuding; Brushd Nickel, Polished Chrome, Matte Black, and our proprietary Oil Rubbed Bronze. Call us today for more details.


Standard & Custom Widths Available


Summit Hardware offers two types of rolling shower systems, our Ultimate Series, that offers a stainless steel round bar, and our Premier Series, that offers a stainless steel oval shaped bar.  Both systems come in standard widths of 78" and 95", and we can custom fabricate units wider than 10'.

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Closers, Headers, Pulls & Patch Fittings

Summit Hardware now carries the Dormakaba brand of Concealed Overhead Closers, and custom fabricates door headers to your specifications.  We also carry a complete line of floor mounted hydraulic patch fittings, as well as Top and Bottom patch fittings.

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For a sleek, beautifull look, check out our new rolling shower systems.  Stock 78" and 95" available.  Custom widths also available upon request. 

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Hydraulic Patch Fittings & Closers

For a sleek and open look and feel, try our complete line of Hydrailic Patch Fittings and Top & Bottom Patch Fittings.  Ask about our line of Concealed Overhead Closers and Standard & Custom Headers.

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With more than 60,000 pieces in stock, our goal is to have "what you need, when you need it."


A team of industry professional with one goal in mind...   complete customer satisfaction.


Conveintly located in Houston, TX, we can seamlessly move your orders anywhere in the world.


"We know we can always count on Summit Hardware to have what we need, when we need it.  Their customer service is the best in the industry.  We also love the fact that they deliver thier products.  This is a huge time and money saver for us."

- Northwest Glass & Mirror

Houston, TX 

"Summit's hardware is second to none.  The added value of having a high quality drill bit and Phillips bits included with every Wall to Glass hinge ensures our installers always have what they need to get the job done."

- Shower Doors of Austin

Austin, TX

"Summit's online ordering system is simple and easy to use.  This ensures that we get our orders next day, which makes our customers happy.  We also love their proprietary Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.  It matches other high-end suppliers like Moen, Price Fister, and American Standard, which is what customers want. "

- Dependable Glass 

Covington, LA


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